tiny letter no.3

30 January 2011

Ever since returning to the states, I haven't posted a tiny anything. So, I'm officially shutting down tinysketch until my next trip/holiday/vacation/adventure.

In the meantime, I'm posting on my regular blog magiclittlethings.
Thank you so much for reading!

xo, Cambria


tiny postcard no. 5

14 March 2010

It hadn't gone beyond Phoebe's notice that there seemed to be a wisp of leaping fur when ever she turned around--and she begun to have the sneaking suspicion that someone, or something was following her.


tiny sketch no. 27

02 March 2010

Phoebe loved Paris, and she dreamt of it often. She dreamt of walked along the river, quaint shops full of delightful things, but mostly she dreamt of gluten free Nutella crêpes.

a tiny note to readers: I finally got my scanner up and running! which means I will be posting again!


tiny sketch no. 26

15 October 2009

The first snow of the season made little Mole excited. It made him think of puddings, hot chocolate, special socks, and handmade presents. "I must get to work," he thought, "the holidays will be here before I know it."


tiny watercolor no. 4

05 October 2009

watercolor version of tiny sketch no. 20a. Imogene and the dreaded sandwiches.


tiny sketch no. 25

03 October 2009

Though it was barely October Timothy was already wearing his special pajamas with the feet in them. His mother said they would be much too hot, and she was right-- but they were exactly what he needed to sneak around the house. After he was properly tucked in, Timothy waited until all the lights were out and slight snores rattled the floorboards. Then he carefully tiptoed down the stairs, past the reading room, and into the kitchen. There, on top of the fridge, were the glossy colored pages that called out to him. With a quick swish of the broom, he swept the thing he craved into his stubby arms. He nearly yelped with delight-- but caught himself and instead made an odd gurgling sound. The Christmas toy catalog was finally his!


tiny sketch 24

01 October 2009

She now understood the Norwegian's love of all things wool. It is not itchy if you're near a glacier, because it is like visiting a refrigerator.


tiny sketch 23

30 September 2009

They were spotted in the pantry first, then in the living room and bathroom. When Aila woke up the following day, there were hedgehogs on every surface of her bedroom. Then she looked up. There was even a hedgehog on her head.  


tiny apology no.2

21 September 2009

Deadline completed. (hooray!) Now I am on in Oslo without a computer, which means I am unable to post images. (boo!)  I will be back blogging next week. Thanks for your patience. c


tiny apology

08 September 2009

I'm working on a few projects with tight deadlines-- will post again soon!


tiny postcard no. 4

03 September 2009


tiny sketch no. 22

02 September 2009

There is no use crying over spilt milk, however it is completely acceptable to cry over spilt gelato.


tiny collage no. 1

01 September 2009

Jane had been walking for hours and still hadn't found that small, illusive church. She ordered una acqua natural and resumed her search on the map. If only she'd looked up for a moment, and turned around, she would have noticed the Trevi fountain.


tiny sketch no. 21

31 August 2009

The slush was pure sugary sourness. Leon flinched and his lips puckered involuntarily. He wasn't used to his face contorting against his will and immediately thought he should  toss the lip numbing mixture. It was way past "fried egg on the sidewalk" hot and finding a garbage bin would just expend the little energy he had left. Which is why for the next 5 blocks he continued the dance of sips and facial twists by downing the already quite melted drink.


tiny watercolor no. 4

30 August 2009

As beds go it was one the prettiest and most uncomforatble Pheobe ever had the occasion to sleep on. The entire night she tossed and turned. Of course, it would have been much better if she had discovered the small dog bone hidden under the bottom mattress. 


tiny sketch no. 20b

29 August 2009

As Imogene's parents owned nearly everything in the town, the waiter was obliged to follow her orders. For a moment he contemplated throwing a plate of slimy snails on the table just to see her squirm. What else do kids like to eat? Of course! Everyone like pizza! Everyone, except for Imogene--and now Imogene was truely annoyed. 


tiny sketch no. 20a

28 August 2009

"Sandwiches?" Imogene sighed. "Everyone likes sandwiches, especially children," the waiter replied. Imogene was not amused. Peanut butter and jelly appalled her. Ham and cheese made her stomach turn, and if she saw another tomato mozzarella concoction on bread she was going to die of boredom. "I would rather eat snails than sandwiches, bring me something else."


tiny sketch no. 19

27 August 2009

She had first seen it peaking out of the narrow streets between one of Firenza's many piazza's. The Duomo had taken her by surprise, and without intention she let out a little gasp. Now the likeness of the dome held a special place in Roslynda's heart and on her wall.


tiny letter no. 2

09 August 2009


tiny sketch no. 18

08 August 2009

Chloe was having the hardest time deciding between Paris and Belgium. In the end she went for the fries, and they were well worth the train ride. Besides, snails and hats are overrated.


tiny comic no. 1

07 August 2009


tiny sketch no. 17

06 August 2009

Louis was a very bad robot indeed.


tiny sketch no. 16

05 August 2009

Germs and bugs never go on vacation. It's always rush hour, especially on the tube.


tiny sketch no. 15

04 August 2009

In the dust covered catalog that Simon found in the attic, there were 2 slightly different kinds of dragons one could purchase and hatch from eggs. Which one should he choose?


tiny sketch no. 14

03 August 2009

Peter's grandmother, Silvia, enjoyed going to the store. She had the naughty habit of tasting things before she'd purchased them. Last week while browsing at Harrods, she "tasted" an entire baked ham in one swallow, followed by a jug of Victorian style lemonade and a crate of sticky toffee puddings-- and that was just in the first 5 minutes.


tiny sketch no. 13

01 August 2009

The Victoria and Albert Museum's restricted access basement was piled high with oddities and antiques. Dr. Wycombe thought they seemed of dubious origins, especially in the armor and heraldry section.


tiny postcard no. 3

31 July 2009


tiny sketch no. 12

30 July 2009

There had to be something between the clouds and stars, and Avery intended to be the first rabbit in his class to find out. There could be bird cities, or weather machines, or secret factories that produced clouds as waste. There were endless possibilities, but he was certain of two things: 1. his helium filled robot with radio signal and video was going to work. 2. He needed a photograph of the robot launch, just in case it didn't work.


tiny sketch no. 11

29 July 2009

Even the birds are polite in London.


tiny sketch no. 10

28 July 2009

The cold, pale, meat pie's smell instantly made the dinner guest's hair stand on end. Their eyes watered and nostrils flared, but absolute politeness continued. They picked up their forks and with wavering smiles took a bite. IT must have been still alive. Did IT quiver when eaten, or was that just the guest's shaking hands forcing it into their slightly down turned mouths? The only explanation for IT's foulness was that IT came from the bog.


tiny watercolor no. 3

27 July 2009

Victoria sighed and took out her umbrella, again -- and then coughed. The weather forecast had been useless, and it was a contributing factor to her sickness. She put away her umbrella. It had stopped raining just as suddenly as it had started. "Why is it I am nearly always shedding a jacket, getting cold, putting it back on, and then getting hot?" She coughed, again. "Yes, the forecast is definitely useless. One must plan for spring, with summer, autumn, and winter moments. No wonder the English drink so much tea."


tiny sketch no. 9

26 July 2009

While in Edinburgh, Margaret thought she looked spectacular in her new Scottish garb. Back in the city, however, it was a completely different story.


tiny letter no. 1

24 July 2009


tiny watercolor no. 2

22 July 2009

Sophia was naturally worried about going out. It was raining cats and dogs outside, and as a mouse, she had never trusted that phrase. The letter had to be mailed today. "No use getting worked up over the weatherman's choice of words." she thought. So, she put on her favorite rainboots, striped socks, and ran for it.


tiny sketch no. 8

21 July 2009

You could tell just by meeting her, that Ms. Gladys Cordelia in apartment 6r had a really big sweet tooth.


tiny postcard no. 2

20 July 2009


tiny sketch no. 7

19 July 2009

There is no arguing that neckties are very useful things, (all except for bow ties). You can use wide ones as a hankies, long ones as jump ropes or in a pinch as sling shots. But, Bernard's collection was getting out of control. The ties were spilling into the bathroom, his car and the yard. Which is why something had to be done. Immediatly.


tiny watercolor no. 1

18 July 2009

Rebecca was a library rat. As such she was destined to spend warm summer days sifting through dusty shelves of Victorian books. Luckily, she had a bookworm to keep her company. They hardly ever argued about which book to read, and the only real issue between them was sorting out what kind of crackers and cheese to eat.


tiny sketch no. 6

17 July 2009

Happy Birthday Squirrel! I hope you enjoy your nutella layer cake,
with marzipan shaped nuts.


tiny sketch no. 5

16 July 2009

Finchley Stump was completely sure a ghost has moved into the dining room. There had been clattering and eerie giggles the entire evening. Just then a drawn out moan whirled down the hall and made his feathers stand on end. "Ugh," thought Finchely, "ghosts are such a bother." But as he was a duck and not a chicken, he shut his eyes and quickly opened the door. On the floor in a heap of crumbs and stickiness, lay not a ghost, but his sister Maude. "Could you please ring the doctor?" she whimpered. "There has been a sweets and tea overload."


tiny postcard no. 1

15 July 2009


tiny sketch no. 4

14 July 2009

Down the street from Ruby's cave, there was a store entirely stocked with marmalade, honey and jam-- in as many flavors as a bear could imagine. The most lovely of which was elderberry and blackcurrent. It seemed she was going to be eating a lot of toast and crumpets this summer.


tiny sketch no. 3

13 July 2009

Herald Alexander Pennington the 4th had enormous ears. They were almost as large as the hideous bow tie he wore because he thought it made him look important-- but mostly wore because he thought it drew attention away from his frail, inbred legs.


tiny sketch no. 2

12 July 2009

Even though he was the littlest shrew in the park, he had very well stocked picnic basket. It was full of clotted cream, digestive biscuits, meat and ale pies, and a wide variety of teas.


tiny sketch no. 1

11 July 2009

While Peter was usually happy living beneath soaring buildings, under the tangles of pipes, and far below the subway, he definitely needed a holiday. The beach was was just what he required. Sunshine, watermelon and only the sound of waves. Soon he missed being inside, street meats, and the sound of a busy city above. So, he headed home with the best souvenir. It was free, and reminded him every few minutes of the beach.
It was a lovely sunburn. scratch. scratch.