tiny sketch no. 21

31 August 2009

The slush was pure sugary sourness. Leon flinched and his lips puckered involuntarily. He wasn't used to his face contorting against his will and immediately thought he should  toss the lip numbing mixture. It was way past "fried egg on the sidewalk" hot and finding a garbage bin would just expend the little energy he had left. Which is why for the next 5 blocks he continued the dance of sips and facial twists by downing the already quite melted drink.


stacey said...

i guess it didn't quite live up to the perfection of a delicious del's lemonade.

cambria said...

del's is perfection! The first granita I had was fantastic because it was made with real lemons (like del's)-- but the rest were syrupy, super sweet and sour.